The Scrap Iron Flotilla was composed in 2010 to pay tribute to the five Australian destroyers and their crews who served in the Mediterranean during World War II: HMAS Stuart, HMAS Voyager, HMAS Vampire,HMAS Vendetta, HMAS Waterhen.

After the introduction, which was inspired by the TV theme Warship, a Scottish-feel is adopted depicting the ships being built on the Clyde. This is followed by a jovial section to represent the crew, and hints of the Sailors Hornpipe and Any Old Iron can be heard.

The opening material returns again but this time with much dissonance and tension to reflect on the Flotilla's involvement in the war. A boatswain's call is used prior to the proud and majestic Elgar-like Trio section in honour of the Scrap Iron Flotilla's successes.

The bridge passage incorporates the use of scrap iron (or anvil), and the Trio uses countermelodies based on the Naval Hymn and the Official March of the Royal Australian Navy.